About Me

My name is Anneke. I am a young North American woman of Scandinavian-Northern European heritage, living in the Pacific Northwest. I am going through the conversion process to become fully recognized as a member of the Jewish faith and community. I am of Orthodox Protestant background. I am nearing completion of my bachelor’s degree, and will walk across that stage this June of 2013 gladly, and proudly. I work on many projects and issues, and consider myself a historian and religious scholar, in addition to my training as a conflict mediator and counselor (in pursuit). I am in partnership with, and engaged to, a lovely person in the application process for rabbinical school.

I believe fully in discussion and learning surrounding all topics of religion, health, finances and the economy, politics, and then some. I believe in a holistic worldview, and taking a human being as a whole, not disparate parts. We are complex beings, as is our world, and it is hard work to reconcile the differences in both ourselves and the world around us. It is worth it to attempt to achieve harmony, peace, and radiant joy within ourselves and with those around us locally, globally, and throughout the universe.I believe in a world where people get to know each other and talk with one another to solve their problems, rather than shooting and hoping to solve problems by eliminating the source of strife or conflict, or the part(y/ies) we are in conflict with.

One day, I know I will help solve the crisis on the ground in Israel-Palestine (if it is not solved already), to help mediate, to help the Israelis and Palestinians get to know one another, to truly understand each others needs, get to the root of the conflict, and to solve this standoff. I am building a group of like-minded mediators and other people to facilitate this process so there will one day be… Peace in my lifetime!


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