CHALLENGE! A religion/spirituality memoir and map!


CHALLENGE: Religion/Spirituality memoir. 600 words. Whether you identify as atheist, agnostic or a practitioner of a specific religion (or multiple religions), you have a story to share about how you arrived at how you think about religion today. In this paper, please discuss your own experiences, including people/events/organizations/institutions that have influenced your thinking on the topic of religion. Your paper should include a summary of where you are today and how you got here, as well as conclusions you draw from your experiences. This paper will be based mostly on your own experience, but please also include quotes from 2-3 text sources that have influenced your thinking on religion.

Please include in this memoir a map (hand-drawn OK) illustrating the main influences that have shaped how you think about religion. Include a key word or phrase describing how each person, group, event, book, film or institution you depict influenced you, and your approximate age at the time. Be as specific as possible.


 Now, I’ll post mine up when I’m done. Will you do the same?



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