Garnering Interest, Showing Hope: Or, a day in the life of campus interfering with religious observance and reviving a student group!

An easy and meaningful fast to all of you who are doing so today, Yom Kippur. Today, on my campus, not only are classes being held, but the activities fair is being held today. This is excluding to any students who, like me, are observant. So this morning, I have made a choice, to finish what I started. I will be attending services later in the day, but I am working on a letter to be posted at the activities fair at an un-WOmanned table regarding why I am not at the fair, nor in classes today, and for those who had to choose, or who felt uncomfortable knowing there is/was a choice to be made regarding classes and campus versus observances of faith however expressed. I hope that in the next 20-30 minutes or so I can glean some extra feedback. I feel confident having had three extra editors last night, in the text, but I felt it needed some imagery. Tell me what you think, and which I should use. If you have commentary on the text, please feel free to give that as well. Thank you.

Click the following link: ForTESC-YK-ActivitiesFairLetter-pictures

UPDATE: This is the final version, the version that I printed out and should have been distributed at today’s Activities Fair: Fall2012-ActivitiesFairLetter-YomKippur

And here are some pictures used that are beautiful, large or small:

Cantor pointing to The Book of Life, opening Yom Kippur, in this 15th century Italian illuminated machzor.
Cantor pointing to The Book of Life, opening Yom Kippur, in this 15th century Italian illuminated machzor in the style of Giovanni di Giuliano Boccardi, known as Boccardino il vecchio (Boccardino the Old, 1460-1529) who’s considered one of the last representatives of the golden age of Florentine renaissance illumination

Avinu Malkeinu ("Our Father, Our King") by Adam Rhine


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